This stuff really works…

tmla website

Last fall we worked with The Mary Louis Academy, a private, Catholic school for young women in Jamaica Estates, New York. Enrollment at the school was dropping, girls were not listing TMLA as their first choice, and nearby co-ed schools were competing for and attracting girls who no longer seemed to want an all-girls education. We began in the admissions office to see what was working and what needed to change. We suggested how to approach new markets, how to increase campus visits, how to improve attendance at open house events, and more. With a vigorous admissions plan in hand, we then created a new website, print brochure, and graphic standards manual to ensure that all communications stayed on message.

Results as of February 2016 are remarkable. Students who selected TMLA as first choice rose by 50%. Second choice rose 11%.  The story is ongoing but we can clearly see things are looking up at TMLA. Smart marketing really works!

Logo Lessons

CSF logo optionsWhen designing a logo, we keep several things in mind:
1. Keep it simple.
2. Make it reflect the organization.
3. Keep it fresh.
4. Give the client options.
5. Be at peace if the client does not pick your favorite option.

As wonderful as our clients are, they may not always pick our favorite design. That’s why we need to be sure that everything we present will make them—and us—proud. We presented four different logo concepts for the Center for the Study of Federalism, an organization dedicated to advancing understanding of the principles of federalism. Option one (our favorite) shows a circle of books (study) forming a star (federalism) in the negative space. Option 2 pulls the book shapes away from the center to de-emphasize the star shape. Even though the client chose our least favorite option, we are at peace since either version says something meaningful about the organization.